Which plan provides the best value for you? Choose wisely...

With premium increases expected on a national level, consumers should be more proactive in determining what plan provides the best value for their needs. Premiums may be increasing, but the Marketplace has improved side-by-side plan comparison and other features that should allow for a more straightforward shopping experience. Be sure to shop around to avoid being auto-enrolled in a plan without knowing your options.

Are you eligible for insurance subsidies? Probably!

U.S. Health and Human Services estimated that there were 138,000 North Carolinians who have individual market coverage outside the exchange in 2016 and who would be eligible for premium subsidies if they switched to exchange coverage instead.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina announced in August that they would terminate their remaining grandfathered plans at the end of 2017. Members with BCBSNC grandfathered plans will be able to select from all of the available ACA-compliant plans in their area during open enrollment, including on and off-exchange plans.

Getting help is easy...

For those seeking coverage who would like face-to-face help from a certified navigator or assistant, you can schedule a free, in-person meeting with a navigator near you: 

There are also some great online resources for learning more about health insurance coverage: