Hospitals and health systems contribute to the health and wellness of the people in their communities every day -- with services like free and low-cost wellness education and health evaluations -- while also making sure that everyone in the community receives the care they need, regardless of their ability to pay.

Investing in a Healthy Workforce. You may not think about it much, but healthy employees with healthy family members make running a business that much easier.

While employers expect workers to miss a certain number of work days each year, excessive absences can equate to decreased productivity and can have a major effect on company finances, morale and other factors.

Healthy workplaces support higher productivity, lower absenteeism and happier employees.

See how hospitals and health systems are connecting with local organizations and employers to create INNOVATIVE PROGRAMS that build a healthier workforce.

Investing in a Healthy Community. Hospitals and health systems deliver valuable low-cost and free-of-charge services that contribute to the overall health of their communities. We reinvest in our communities with transformational programs like coordinating patient services and care after patient discharge, community health screenings, wellness education, and other community outreach programs like farmer's markets and food pantries.

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