North Carolina's hospitals are a vital part of your community. Not many people think about their local hospital until there is a medical emergency. But your hospital is so much more! 

A THRIVING HOSPITAL. It's also important for you to see that a thriving hospital delivering essential healthcare services will benefit you, your family, your business, your co-workers and employees, as well as your community as a whole.

A hospital is more than just a place to go when you're sick or injured. It is a vibrant place that serves the health and wellness needs of the entire community.

TRANSFORMING CARE. As an integral member of your community, it's important for you to understand how North Carolina's hospitals are transforming the culture of healthcare by teaming with communities to increase wellness, streamline care and control healthcare costs. Today's hospitals cover the full spectrum of healthcare services and focus on collaborative, value-driven approaches to improve overall patient health, rather than merely treat the symptoms of illnesses.*

This website invites you inside the halls of your local hospital to show you how hospitals benefit your community, and how you can team with us to build a healthier tomorrow for all North Carolinians.