North Carolina's hospital industry is more than 203,000 citizens strong...which means that everyone knows someone who works for or with a health system. Candidates and elected officials need to understand that we care about the health and well-being of our communities and our nation. And we vote!

When lawmakers have to make decisions about complex matters like health care, they need all the insight they can get.

This is where you step in. Hospital workers and the people who support them are critical players in the ongoing dialogue about the future of care in the Tar Heel State. You experience health care every single day and know the challenges facing health care in your your community.

We Care. We Vote. encourages you to elevate your hospital’s advocacy efforts leading up to the general election, calling on hospital employees and extended hospital family, including physicians, trustees, vendors and volunteers to join together to make the voice of health care heard.

This election year is a critical time to work together toward long-term solutions that will set North Carolina's health care field on a path toward future sustainability. Our communities deserve to have the best possible care available when they need it.